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634  نشریه معماری فلزی MEATAL ARCHITECTURE

انواع سازه های فلزی

تحقیق در مورد سازه های فلزی

سازه های فلزی pdf

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طراحی قالب فلزی

طراحی اسکلت

طراحی اسکلت

طراحی و ساخت و نصب تجهیرات و سازه فلزی

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تاریخچه اسکلت فلزی

559 How much are you paying for... weanling feed?

Depending on what part of the country you are in, you are likely to be paying different amounts for weanling feed. Daniel McPartlin reports.

There is as much as an €80/t difference in what suckler farmers are paying for weanling feed, the Irish Farmers Journal can reveal.

A survey of merchants and co-ops was carried out this week to see what farmers are being charged for feed coming into the peak autumn weanling sale season.

656  Disappointment from winter barley harvest

Expectations were high from winter barley crops but it would seem that average yields will be lower than expected and there have been some very poor yields.

A feeling of emptiness might best describe some growers’ experiences of winter barley in 2017 as many highly promising crops failed to deliver on their expected yield. Emptiness in the trailers was, in many cases, accompanied by a level of emptiness in the grains and this has been added to by the recent weakness in prices.

692 How Cannabis Production is Becoming More High-Tech

Cannabis production in commercial greenhouses was a hot discussion topic during the National Greenhouse Manufacturers Association’s (NGMA) Spring Meeting in Savannah, GA, in April. One of the speakers at the event was Damian Solomon, Director of Cultivation at MedMen, which is nearing completion on a new cannabis production facility in Nevada. Solomon designs high-tech growing solutions for the production of cannabis, and he provided NGMA members with an update on the transition from low-tech cultivation to more advanced indoor production.

July 27, 2017

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